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The Big Defeat of Big Tech Companies

Last year, US President Joe Biden's administration upset big tech companies and all those who profit from our personal data by abandoning a proposal that would have violated data privacy, online civil rights and liberties, and antitrust safeguards.


3 Strategies for Reducing Investment Risks

In today's fast-changing financial world, before investing in any sector, everyone wonders how safe their investments are. In these conditions, it is important not only to strive for high returns, but also to ensure the reliability and protection of assets. Competent risk management and thorough verification of investment security become the basis of a successful strategy and a guarantee of financial stability.


Nouriel Roubini. Artificial intelligence and human stupidity

After returning from this year's World Economic Forum, I have been asked many times about my most important takeaways. Artificial intelligence (AI), especially generative AI ("GenAI"), was among the most discussed issues at Davos this year. The recent introduction of large language models (powered by, for example, ChatGPT) creates high hopes (and excitement) about what AI can do in the future for productivity and economic growth.


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